Pedro Correa



After a graduation in oil painting and comic art at the Brussel's Royal Academy of Arts Pedro Correa became fascinated by photography and its capacity to capture the moment, moments that became beautiful in a particular instant and were not manufactured. Fragile moments that he needed to seize and encapsulate before they floated away. 

Clearly influenced by his impressionistic painting background, his style was born by injecting the emotions of impressionism into the "decisive moment" of photography. 
In other words: shooting with one eye of an impressionistic painter and one eye of an urban image hunter.Further to that idea, he never modifies elements of a picture, merge different images or ask people to pose: "There is in my opinion no need to force beauty, it is already out there."

Excerpt from interview to Agenda Magazine, by Kurt Snoeckx

"Photography is Pedro Correa’s way of attesting to the city’s attraction: “All my pictures are love songs to the city. Not any particular one, but rather the universal idea of a city…” Pedro Correa comes so close that names become irrelevant. “My migration, my search, my work, and my eye have evolved beyond the surface and have moved to works aimed at the spirit of the global, nameless, and placeless city. It’s my perception of the city that I want to show, the feeling rather than an actual picture."

His works have been exhibited in galleries of Hong Kong, Washington D.C., New York, Los Angeles, London, Knokke and Brussels.