Philippe Lardy




Philippe Lardy studied at the Institut supérieur d’arts plastiques (Higher Institute of Plastic Arts) in Brussels. In the 1980s, he moved to the United States to study at the School of Visual Arts (New York), where he dabbled in all sorts of different fields: painting with Jerry Moriarty and Anton van Dalen, illustration and graphic design.


‘My drawings are born out of the desire to create narrative images. They operate like parables and their aim is to communicate an idea as graphically as possible. My painting, on the other hand, developed as a form of silence, as a counterpoint to the “information overload” of my illustrations,’ the Genevan explains. Not that Lardy regrets his career as an illustrator. ‘Illustration and painting are complementary activities: the one feeds off the other. My drawings connect me to the outside world, while painting offers me the opportunity for introspection,’ he says.

Philippe Lardy’s works have been exhibited in numerous countries across the world – Japan (1994), the United States, Belgium (both 1997), Italy (1999), France (2003, 2005, 2006, 2015), Canada (2009) and Seoul (2016). In collaboration with illustrator José Ortega, he co-published the book GIN&COMIX, a Franco-European selection of illustrations (1990). He is a founder member of the society of press, book and commercial illustrators Le Crayon, and has received numerous prizes, including the Grand Prix Corporate Français (1996), the Ozzie Award Silver Medal for a magazine cover (2002) and the Coretta Scott King Award (2006).

Philippe Lardy has been based in Geneva since 2010.