Maibritt Rangstrup



Rangstrup is in search of stillness and the contemplative space

. She captures the moment that is situated in between two film scenes (Scenes In Between). The results of these painted timecaptures are poetic images that float between mystery and understanding. The images - a tent, a tree and a building - touch upon our memories and experiences but the rough paint brush strokes give the images a filter which alienates us from these representations. Through her work Rangstrup forces her viewers into the periphery of attention, there where the story is not told but decided upon by the viewer. Depending on individual perceptions and memories, Rangstrups dark tints arouse feelings of tension or dreaminess. These images act on the one hand as a mirror of our soul and on the other hand they condemn the constant flow of information inherent to our current visual culture.


Artelli Antwerp  - Mechelsesteenweg 120 - 2018 Antwerp  

Schönfeld Gallery - Rivoli Building - Chaussée de Waterloo 690 - 1180 Brussels