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Liat Elbling



Liat Elbing was born in 1980. She graduated with Honors from the Department of Photography at the Minshar School of Art and has since been working full-time as an artist in Tel Aviv, Israel. A rising star in the fine art photography field, Liat's work has been shown in numerous exhibitions, among them the Haifa Museum, Ramat Gan Museum, Indie Gallery, Beztalel Academy of Art Gallery and most notably, at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art after receiving the prestigious Leon Constantiner Prize for an Israeli photographer.


Closer than ever
Untitled (Half)
Untitled (Full)
Untitled ( no. 6)
Untitled ( no. 1)
Untitled ( no. 5)newsletter
Some Other place
The Other Way Around #2
Temporary Visit in a Familiar Place
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