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Lea Jessen



Lea Jessen breaks architectural abstraction with soft beauty

The Danish artist Lea Jessen sees the extraordinary in the ordinary and captures it in pictures, which are characterized by a sharp composition and a refined sense of light and colour.

Her works often focus on details of which the original context is not always clear. By emphasizing clean lines and abstract colour fields the anonymous architectural fragments show minimalist aesthetics. They are reminiscent of the Concrete Art of the 1940s and 50s. The rigorous abstraction is however broken by small bumps, cracks or dents and break as it were, the tautness of the lines and surfaces. These subtle signs of decline, along with the soft colours of the images show a certain melancholic beauty.

This is clearly felt in the work 'Steps'; a pink pool staircase in full light running in azure blue water. Besides the dazzling architectural pattern, the image evokes both the relaxing atmosphere of the pool and the faded glamour of a bygone era.

Lea_Jessen_Steps_2014_120x180cm_C-print_edition of 3


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