Hein Spellmann



Hein Spellmann's works are based on photographs from architecture. They assume a quasi sculptural shape, and this in most cases is in contrast from the mass produced flat photographs that have been the norm over the last 10 years.

The rectangles of the photograph arch towards us; it curves from all four sides, whilst its corners turn towards the wall.

It is as though someone has literally blown up the architectural view.

Understanding the work and its definition is very "slippery" as its characterization is a cross between picture and sculpture.


The form has a similarity to soft cushions; it is shaped in an organic roundness and seems soft. Actually Spellmann's pictures are stretched over a wooden core which is padded with foam. Its surface is sealed with glossy transparent silicon that reflects and, as it appears like wet varnish, also rejects.

Materials: except where otherwise stated, all works made with silicon, acrylic colour, CLC-Print, foam, wood.


Fassade 308 (Falttür), 2017
Black Office Building.vl2017
Bikinihaus2, 2017