Tomas Vandecasteele




In Dead-Colour , Tomas Vandecasteele confines himself to the themes of ceremonial washing (ablution), sin and forgiveness (absolution).

DCCSP ** For the video and photos Vandecasteele worked together with Royal Ballet Flanders’ principal dancer Wim Vanlessen. Choreographed by Vanlessen four dancers rehearsed the imagined movements of Caravaggio’s Crucifixion of Saint Peter in a systematically intensified style during which Vandecasteele photographed fragments of their depleted bodies.

In the second part Wudu/Hyssop/Ablution (video and photos), the washing ceremony takes centre stage and is placed in juxtaposition with contemporary pornography.

Referring to the ‘underpainting’ used during the baroque period as the seed of a painting, Vandecasteele attempts to mirror the imagery in the art of painting in his show Dead-Colour.
By applying techniques of blurring, over- and underexposure and the use of resin, he condemns the volatility of today’s photo consumption and forces his audience to carefully reflect upon reality and image perception.


Artelli Antwerp  - Mechelsesteenweg 120 - 2018 Antwerp  

Schönfeld Gallery - Rivoli Building - Chaussée de Waterloo 690 - 1180 Brussels