Cartsen Ingemann



Carsten Ingemann explores the darkness

Ingemann's art evolved from his work as a renowned war photographer. He experienced traumatic events and encountered how people were unexpectedly mentally marked. But also in everyday life, he felt the darkness and the urge to express these deep emotions. The step towards visual art was taken. He translated these complex feelings through his camera, the extension of his senses.


In his series Edge of Darkness, he explores the different feelings associated with darkness. He shoots images in the Danish countryside, the peace and silence of the night, which for the viewer might create an atmosphere of calm or fear. Do we experience total peace of mind? Are we afraid of the dark? Can we be spied upon? The normal perception stops and the viewer must accept the unknown.

His photographs are situated between realistic images and perception in an extraordinary composition. His works show mystery and beauty.


Carsten_Ingemann_Creatures of the Night_#16_2015_80x120cm_edition of 6