The gallery

In 2015, Elie Schonfeld launched Artelli Gallery, one of the youngest galleries in Antwerp. The gallery is located in a building that formerly housed a bank; it offers 130 m2 space for Artelli’s rotating exhibitions and an additional 80 m2, devoted to its permanent collection, in the former safe below the ground floor. In Artelli, Ellie created a place where he can share his passion for art with other art-lovers. And with the support of his dedicated assistant, Greet Umans, his gallery allows everyone to engage with the many forms and dimensions in which art can be experienced. In addition to exhibiting well-known artists, Artelli provides an opportunity to discover younger names, all of them working across a range of disciplines. The gallery also maintains a broad geographic focus by collaborating with many international artists, galleries and art fairs.


In 2018, Ellie Schonfeld opened a second exhibition space, Schonfeld Gallery, located in the Rivoli building in Brussels, on the border between Elsene and Ukkel. The Rivoli Building, for years seemingly doomed to destruction, has recently undergone extensive renovations and is now becoming one of the most important centers for contemporary art in Brussels. This architectural gem fosters artistic cross-pollination by bringing together a number of galleries. With its mix of visitors - artists, art-lovers, casual passers-by – the Rivoli is perfectly aligned with Artelli’s vision of diversity and accessibility.


Artelli Antwerp  - Mechelsesteenweg 120 - 2018 Antwerp  

Schönfeld Gallery - Rivoli Building - Chaussée de Waterloo 690 - 1180 Brussels